New Jobs at Fsdtanzania 2024

Fsdtanzania stands for Financial Sector Deepening Tanzania . Itis a donor-funded financial sector market facilitator that aims to achieve poverty reduction through a transformative financial sector.

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Here’s a breakdown of FSDT’s mission and focus:

  • Mission: To create a financial sector that offers quality, inclusive and sustainable financial solutions to improve the livelihood, wellbeing, and empowerment of underserved Tanzanians.
  • Focus: Advocacy in the financial sector to influence market system changes that deliver value and sustainable impact to the lives of Tanzanians.

FSDT works towards achieving its goals through various initiatives, including:

  • Research and data collection: FSDT conducts research and collects data to understand the financial needs and challenges faced by Tanzanians. This data is used to inform their advocacy work.
  • Policy development: FSDT works with policymakers to develop and implement policies that promote financial inclusion.
  • Capacity building: FSDT provides training and capacity building programs to financial institutions and other stakeholders in the financial sector.
  • Consumer education: FSDT raises awareness about financial products and services among Tanzanians.

One of the key initiatives of FSDT is the FinScope Tanzania survey. This is a nationally representative demand-side survey that provides insights into the financial needs, preferences, and behaviours of consumers in Tanzania. The survey results are used by policymakers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders to develop and deliver financial products and services that meet the needs of the population.

Overall, FSDT plays an important role in promoting financial inclusion in Tanzania. By working to create a more inclusive financial sector, FSDT is helping to empower Tanzanians and improve their livelihoods.