Editable Scholarship Recommendation Letter


A scholarship recommendation letter (personal) is a written endorsement from someone who knows you well in a non-academic capacity, advocating for your suitability and deservingness for a specific scholarship. This letter aims to showcase your character, accomplishments, and potential beyond your academic records, adding a personal touch to your application.

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Breakdown of the key elements:

Who writes Scholarship Recommendation Letter:

  • Typically, someone who knows you well in a non-academic setting, such as:
    • Family friend: Knowledgeable about your values, work ethic, and personal struggles.
    • Coach/Mentor: Can highlight your dedication, teamwork, and leadership skills.
    • Community leader: Familiar with your contributions and impact on the community.
    • Employer/Volunteer coordinator: Demonstrate your professionalism, initiative, and problem-solving abilities.


What it includes

  • Introduction: Briefly state your relationship with the applicant and the scholarship they are applying for.
  • Body paragraphs: Weave specific anecdotes, examples, and observations to illustrate the applicant’s:
    • Personal qualities: Integrity, resilience, passion, empathy, etc.
    • Achievements: Contributions to the community, overcoming challenges, personal initiatives, etc.
    • Potential: Their aspirations, drive to learn, and how the scholarship aligns with their goals.
  • Conclusion: Restate your strong recommendation and offer to provide further information if needed.

Tips for writing an effective letter:

  • Be authentic and specific: Personal stories and anecdotes resonate more than generic praises.
  • Focus on qualities relevant to the scholarship: Align the applicant’s strengths with the scholarship’s criteria.
  • Use strong verbs and vivid language: Show, don’t tell, to create a lasting impression.
  • Proofread carefully: Ensure the letter is professional and free of grammatical errors.

Remember: A personal recommendation letter adds a unique perspective to your application, highlighting your non-academic strengths and potential. Choose the writer wisely and guide them with relevant information about the scholarship to craft a