40 New Jobs at TEMESA

TEMESA: Tanzania’s Electrical, Mechanical & Electronics Services Agency

TEMESA, standing for Tanzania Electrical Mechanical & Electronics Services Agency, is a crucial government agency in Tanzania. Established in 1973, it plays a vital role in the country’s development by providing a range of services related to electrical, mechanical, and electronic engineering.

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Core Functions:

  • Infrastructure Development and Maintenance: TEMESA is involved in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of critical infrastructure projects across Tanzania. This includes power transmission and distribution lines, ferry services, street lighting systems, and even elevators in government buildings.
  • Technical Expertise: The agency boasts a team of qualified engineers and technicians who offer consultancy services to government ministries, departments, and parastatal organizations. This expertise ensures projects are completed efficiently and meet safety standards.
  • Regulation and Inspection: TEMESA plays a role in regulating electrical installations and equipment to ensure public safety. They conduct inspections and issue certificates of compliance.
  • Promoting Innovation: The agency stays updated with the latest technological advancements in the electrical, mechanical, and electronics fields. They may even be involved in pilot projects to introduce new technologies that can benefit Tanzania’s development.

Impact on Tanzania:

TEMESA’s work directly impacts Tanzanians’ lives in several ways:

  • Improved Infrastructure: Reliable electricity supply, safe and efficient ferry services, and well-maintained elevators in public buildings are all crucial for a functioning society and economic growth.
  • Enhanced Safety: Regulations and inspections by TEMESA contribute to a safer environment by minimizing electrical hazards.
  • Skilled Workforce: The agency employs a sizeable number of engineers and technicians, fostering a skilled workforce within Tanzania.
  • Economic Development: Efficient infrastructure underpins economic activity, allowing businesses to operate smoothly and contribute to the country’s growth.

Transparency and Public Engagement:

TEMESA emphasizes transparency and public engagement through its website [official website of TEMESA, Tanzania]. The website provides information about their services, projects, tenders, and contact details. They also have a presence on YouTube [TEMESA Tanzania YouTube channel], where they share updates and information about their activities.


TEMESA plays a critical role in Tanzania’s development by providing technical expertise, overseeing infrastructure projects, and promoting safety and innovation in the electrical, mechanical, and electronics sectors. Their work contributes to a more connected, efficient, and safe Tanzania.