25,000 Job Vacancies: Government expect to Announce in the next Month.

SIMIYU: The Minister of State in the President’s Office for Regional Administration and Local Government, Mohamed Mchengerwa, has stated that next month the government is expected to announce 25,000 job vacancies in the health and education sectors to address the existing shortage of personnel. He also urged officials and employees of Local Government Authorities not to accept the government being insulted. Mchengerwa made these remarks yesterday in Simiyu during his tour to inspect projects and engage with employees in the Simiyu region. After completing government procedures, the region will receive additional personnel in various fields, including health and education.

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Earlier, the Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Dr. Yahaya Nawanda, mentioned that the workforce needs for the region and its districts are 21,000, while the current staff is 12,000, resulting in a shortage of 8,000 employees. He requested the government to address this challenge, especially in the education and health sectors. ‘If you get the opportunity, hold onto it; if you don’t believe it, look at those we had in the government offices outside and see their conditions. If you set that benchmark, you will realize the need to serve Tanzanians in their own country, so that you don’t criticize someone and then fail to serve them,’ he said. He also mentioned that in the database of the Office of the President-Tamisemi, there are over 100,000 people applying for jobs in the health sector and a similar number in education.”